Here is a small selection of projects designed and completed by us:



He who wants everything, should become the most beautiful. A whole world full of sensual impressions; full of ideas and dreams.

Those in the know: It is not only the details that make a room unmistakable, it is the sum of everything. The feeling for the combination of many fine individual pieces, each with it´s own particularity.

Whether airy-light or elegant opulence - we realise your individual wishes with exquisite materials and craftsmanship perfection.

Panel curtains

OverviewPanel curtains

Simple elegance through puristic design

Curtains decorate in their timeless beauty and still fulfil all functions such as sun protection, privacy and convey a homely feeling.

Graphic structures meet floral design, surrounded by light and transparent fabrics. The best running properties, countless possible combinations, in addition an easy handling in handling and care characterise this decoration.



Wether ten or a hundred years old - we will make your upholstered furniture look like new.

From the wood restoration to the upholstery to the new coverings the master craftsmen of our house professionally carry out all work according to your wishes.

The upholstery is made according to your personal needs in shape and robustness with an almost unlimited fabric selection.

If you require a unique piece, we can of course completely manufacture to your specifications and we are happy to assist you in the design.



Only seldom can a work of art be so pleasantly integrated into daily life as a carpet. The world of fabrics is full of surprises. Wool, silk, linen, bamboo or metal fibres - the materials are becoming more and more refined, the compositions more and more extraordinary and the techniques more sophisticated.

Find with us a large selection of all well-known brands, but alsothe small and fine manufactures and let yourself be inspired, with the highest standards of design, quality and creativity.

Pleated blinds

OverviewPleated blinds

An "all-rounder" on the triumphal march. Whether as a sunscreen, for darkening, as a privacy screen or just as a decorative element. There is the right Pleated blind for every requirement.

Classic-elegance or "supermodern" - hundreds of fabrics are yours to choose from! Even with the most unusual window shapes we have a suitable solution for you.

Even in the strongest sunlight, the high-quality materials ensure excellent sun protection with a very long service life.



Light determines our life. It lifts our mood and makes us happy.

The lamella is one of the masters of the modulation of light. Depending on the position of the sun, it shows your regulatory work and allows you to look outside at any time.

The multitude of possibilities - all custom-made - the special fabrics and the filigree technology offer great effect with little effort.



Cool - sober - factual - a clear statement for a clear architectural blind, embody a modern style of living, which is characterised by discreet coolness and captivating clarity.

Thanks to many new innovations, the blind offers unimagined possibilities in terms of design, technology and application.

Roller blinds

OverviewRoller blinds

An effective sun and sight protection - can be used almost anywhere, inexpensive and easy to use. But if you want, you can create a little piece of art out of your roller blind thanks to many unusual possibilities.

Thanks to modern printing processes, any motif can be displayed in excellent quality on your roller blind.

Interesting light and shadow plays arise with lazered patterns or lettering.

Wallpaper and wall design

OverviewWallpaper and wall design

The renaissance of an almost forgotten: After many years almost exclusively filled and painted walls, the wallpaper is again an important style element in the interior design. Of course not as before, not in lengths but well dosed. Like a work of art, a valuable picture, for a selected and special wall.

With new materials, designs and manufacturing techniques, modern wallpapers are showing unprecedented versatility and expressiveness.

We carry the brands Elitis Paris, Pierre Frey, Ulf Moritz, Marburg Wall coverings, Welter

Manufacture of wall murals, Osborne & Little Casamance, omexco, Lori Weitzner and many more

Awnings and conservatory shading

OverviewAwnings and conservatory shading

A sunny afternoon, an iced coffee and a good book. Enjoy it under your awning.

Technology, function and optics are perfectly coordinated. The specially developed textiles promise the best protection and highest longevity with a wide range of attractive and modern designs.

Thanks to the stable and robust cassette technology with remotecontrolled motors, the beauty of your awning will be preserved for longer.

Insect prevention

OverviewInsect prevention

Protect yourself and your family with intelligent insect protection solutions in a modern and elegant design.

No mosquitoes, flies or spiders in the house anymore. And thanks to the new and almost invisible Transpatec fabric, you will not even notice that something protects your windows.

Also helps against pollen.

Lamp and lighting design

OverviewLamp and lighting design

Light illuminates our life. It can create comfort or be as stylish as a piece of art. A very important part in every demanding interior design.



Furnishing is more than a successful combination of noble materials, it is a mirror of one's own character and the expression of a Lifestyle.

A commitment to its own style, urban, elegantly modern, timeless - characterised by its own signature - implemented with the best materials and craftsmanship perfection.

Parquet and floor coverings

OverviewParquet and floor coverings

Whether parquet, laminate, cork, needle felt, design flooring or a cozy-soft carpet, we offer a wealth of options - depending on the application, user and customer requirements.

From the removal and environmentally friendly disposal of old goods to new laying, all work is carried out by us with the utmost care and cleanliness.